Stay a Team – No Matter What!

No matter how well-intentioned, friends and family will undoubtedly lend advice, opinions, and even objections to your decisions. It’s easy for you two to become divided. But in the end, this is a celebration of your love and future together, and so every choice should be yours alone. Keep your focus on what matters most, forget what you think you should or shouldn’t do, and go with your heart. If you keep you two at the center of every decision, it will be the most memorable day of your life.


Perfect Imperfections

Never get caught up in “perfection”! Your Wedding is an expression of yourselves, and not all you’ll ever be. It’s just the beginning! In fact, some of the best moments aren’t planned for—like a fabulous photograph of your wedding dress train all tangled up with leaves and dirt. Sure, it’s a bit messy and not what you’d see in bridal magazines, but it was an honest and truly joyful moment that could easily make for discontention if you’re uptight about things. Embrace the unexpected, and each others’ opinions, and don’t let an unattainable ideal sour the big picture: You’re in this together, now and for the future.

Wedding Planning Tips For Couples

Take your Time

It sounds cliche I know, but it can never be said enough. Planing your wedding can get you really stressed, even if you’ve got your wedding planner on speed dial. They’re tons of stuff to get done and you can miss out on things that as a couple you’d really want to do. You only get to plan your wedding once, so make sure it is a fun time, not a stressful one! So take the time you need to plan, to minimise your stress level and whatever can’t get done today, gets done tomorrow!

Top 9 Wedding Trends of 2015

Grand Entrances

When the wedding party and the newly married couple enter their reception, expect to see choreographed entrances and more. While entrances were always a thing at weddings, we’re seeing more and more couples work with their wedding party to put together a performance when they enter the room. Some couples even work with a choreographer so that their first dance is something everyone will remember. It’s a great way to get the party started. Jutst keep in mind: It requires a lot of planning, preparation and, yes, rehearsing.

Long Reception Tables

A room full of round tables is not something we will see a lot of in 2015. Long tables are far more interesting, even if they’re mixed in with round tables. Long tables provide a chance for the florist to really be creative with the centerpieces, and they’re perfect for a smaller destination wedding where all the guests can sit together and keep the intimacy going.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Traditional cakes and cutting ceremonies are a thing of the past. Now couples are looking for everything from dessert bars to cake pops and anything else they can think of to appease their sweet tooth. We see more couples are opting for more interesting cakes or offering something else entirely, such as a family favorite or local dessert – SW clients have been clamoring for gizzadas, coconut or peanut drops and grater cakes!

Dapper Groom’s Attire

Sneakers on the groom and groomsmen is not something we’ll see in 2015. This trend started up years ago and has been on the way out since last year. There are too many shoe options for both the groom and the men in the wedding party for sneakers to even be considered. No matter how informal the wedding day may be, this is no place for sneakers. Plus, guys want to have something stand out, and we’re seeing more and more of them want an amazing wardrobe too that complements the wedding location and even the entrance dance.

Going Green!

Organic and natural flowers and decor are going to be huge this year. We are going to see table runners of greenery and also the continuation of the big flowers like peonies and dahlias. Couples are really embracing the idea of nature and want to make their decor organic, local and beautiful. This also means cascading bouquets and centerpieces that look pieced together as opposed to a constructed ball — great for weddings in more remote destinations where it may be more challenging or expensive to import traditional floral decor.

Private Venues

Cookie-cutter ballroom weddings on a strict timeline are over. A wedding is supposed to be a party, and couples want their guests to relax, drink and have a good time. While there’s no shortage of ballrooms to choose from, many couples feel that’s too typical and are looking for venues like Restaurants, Private Houses or Villas, Castles, Great Houses and of course Private Beaches. These settings offer more flexibility including longer cocktail hours and no set end time.

Detachable Trains

While many brides still want the long train for walking down the aisle, they don’t want the hassle of having to bustle it later — or the weight of it as they dance the night away (especially in hot, tropical destinations). A very popular option that has become available to brides is the detachable train. This way, the bride gets the long formal gown for her walk down the aisle and the party dress for her reception. She doesn’t even have to pause for a second to bustle it up because it just comes right off!

Unplugged Weddings

Couples are asking for cell phones to be collected before the ceremony — they don’t want pictures winding up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or anywhere else. In 2014, we worked with couples to come up with a creative hashtag so guests posting on social media could all do so under one album. In 2015, we’re #overit. Couples can include a note in their programs asking guests to refrain from posting to social media, put a sign at the entrance to the ceremony, or ask the officiant to make a PSA. Besides, with several days to celebrate at a destination wedding, there are plenty of opportunities for selfies other than the big day! 

White Weddings

We are going to see a lot of white in 2015, and not just the wedding gown. In fact, while wedding gowns are now available in other colors such as pink, peach, red and even black, white is turning up everywhere from the flowers to the bridesmaids’ gowns. We’re seeing a lot of celebrities embrace the clean white look using white roses and even full flower walls in white. As a color, it works in a variety of destinations all year round and can be accented with anything you want, making it extremely easy to work with.

Marriage Matters

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Marriage Promotion

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3 Colour Wedding Palettes – 9+10

We’ve arrived!!! Happy colour coordinating!!!

Shades of Brown & Ivory

Coral, Peach and Powder Blue