Wedding Dress Trends – Spring 2016

What makes a wedding dress a wedding dress? The details! Tulle, embellishments, layering and adding dimension made the wedding dresses for this spring truly stand out. The designers took a spin on classic elements and made them look new and fresh. Ushering in timeless pieces and new styles that classic, romantic, and modern brides alike will adore.

Check out our favourites below!

3D-Floral Appliqués

Floral for spring really isn’t a new concept, nor are floral appliqués. However, these three-dimensional embellishments will bring a gown to life!

3D Floral


The neckline says a lot about the bride, conservative, daring, adventurous, elegant are just some of the words to describe the necklines of this season. The Keyhole gives you the elegance of a high neck and the daringness of a plunging neckline.The Bateau is one that closely follows the collarbone. It is a good choice for women who have well proportioned necks and heads, but who wish to present a more conservative appearance. The “Dipped” V gives one an adventurous stance, as it says I’m not innocent as with the subtle deep-V, or  I am daring as with the plunging deep-V.


Feather Finishes

Soft, fluttery and delicate or big, bold and dramatic? Oh the choices and the details in this embellishment brings feelings of nostalgic glamour.



A good overskirt provides versatility, a great one gives the illusion of layers!



The Pants Panache

The timeless two-piece suit! An iconic statement of cool and casual with sophistication. The bridal suit made it’s mark this season with tailored tuxedos, strapless jumpsuits, boho pants and ankle length skinny pants!

Bridal Suit


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