Wedding Websites

We absolutely love weddings!

Everyone knows this, but we do love other things, granted they may all be wedding related! One of the things we have come to love is the ability to build a website exclusively for your wedding! Wedding websites (also known as wedsites) are great for putting all the information that you can’t fit in your wedding invitations. It’s a great place to give guests your registry information, hotel and accommodation suggestions, directions, information about you and your wedding details as well as allowing guests to RSVP.


We were so in love with the idea that we, the amazing planners from Alicia Rubie Weddings, wanted our own Wedsite Builder and that we did. We got ourselves a very easy to use drag and drop interface that works for the savviest or the not so savvy user.

We also noticed that some photographers offered their clients a free site to showcase their pictures after the wedding, I guess it could work for your video(s) too. Our thoughts? What a great way to include the friends and family who were not able to attend!

Now this is what we have for your convenience:

  • A drag and drop interface that’s super easy to use!
  • If you get stumped contact your planner and she’ll assist you with your design
  • The interface comes with some cool widgets (twitter feeds, vimeo, google maps, jotform, instagram, etc.). Super cool tools to connect you with your guests
  • the interface allows you to add elements such as pictures, slide shows, YouTube video, contact form and HTML

Now for what’s really cool once you’re a client you are sent the link to the editor with your unique username and password. Once you have completed your design let us know as you have two options to choose from in terms of publishing:

  1. Free (for being a client): or
  2. Premium (client, friend, family, just about anyone – just contact us for pricing details) –

Your site is live for a year and this allows you to incorporate the before and after the wedding details, you can even embed your photo website, just send us the url and we’ll hook it up for you!

The wedsite builder isn’t just for Alicia Rubie’s clients, but just about anyone who wants to build a website. Just create your own username and password and start building!

Happy Planning!




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